Who we are?
Comin a technology-driven insurance provider focused on making things easier and more affordable to our customers. Our mobile app is your destination for buying and managing your insurance products.
Why use comin?
Comin is the fastest and easiest online insurance platform to use in the market. We offer you flexibility while asking the minimum required information needed to complete the policy’s underwriting.
How does it work?
We gather and study insurance policies from major companies in the market. We then select the one with the best offering and price for you to buy.
I entered wrong information.
In case of any error in the policy, please let us know ASAP to coordinate with our insurers.
What is covered in my insurance?
Transparency is one of our core values. You can view and choose all the terms and conditions prior to buying the policy on our app.
Are we an insurance comparison website?
No, our aim is to give you the best product and ease of mind, without all the complexity.
I have a claim or been through an accident, what do I do?
Since your policy is issued by our insurance partners, please contact the company you bought the policy from in case of any accident or claim, at any time. For any other inquiries, we’re here to help!
Who are your insurance partners?
We select the most reputable insurance companies in every market we enter and collaborate with them to offer a superior product offering. We’re currently working with Commercial insurance who’ve been in the industry since 1962 (that’s 57 years!)
How do I contact you?
If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat, by visiting our website or by sending us an email on info@comin.insure
Information privacy?
We only ask you to fill out the most basic information needed to complete the transaction. For more information on how we handle your data, please read our privacy policy.
How do I pay?
We work with NetCommerce (third-party providers) to for payment processing. All transactions are secure and completed online using credit or charge cards.
I purchased my policy but did not receive it
- In case you purchased your policy, please allow a few minutes before receiving it in by email or in the app. If that is not the case, let us know your transaction ID via our in-app chat or email and we’ll do the rest.
- If you choose to have your policy physically delivered to your doorstep, please allow 48h for it to be delivered to you. We’re here to help should there be any further delay.

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