There no point denying it: we live in a I-want-it-now-and-so-I-need-to-have-it-now world.

(That’s kinda why we created the I-want-my-insurance-now app)

Music plays a very important part in all our lives!

We have a playlist for when we’re sad, when we’re happy, when we’re in love (😉), so why not discover new playlists as you discover new places abroad?!

We’re very proud to announce a partnership with

, the leading music streaming app in the Middle East, to offer 2 weeks of Anghami plus for free when you buy your travel insurance policy* on Comin.

Discovering new places is not just about the place itself! It’s a culmination of circumstances: what you had that morning for breakfast, how blue the sky was, who you were with, who was around you, and the music playing in the background!

You can now remove “download new songs” from your super-long-pre-travel-to-do-list and enjoy unlimited offline music with


Insurance. Simply. Now

*offer valid until quantity runs out

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