Where to start?

Ever since I can remember, the recurring topic at every meal has revolved around insurance: medical cases, car accidents, brokers and agents, hospitals, garages … and the list goes on.

Born in an insurance family, all I heard time and time again was “On fait ce qu’on sait faire”.

And so, after graduating from the American University of Beirut with a BE in Electrical & Computer Engineering, it was in Zurich where I discovered what digital insurance really is. A quick hop to Munich to polish my understanding of what a true digital customer experience means, to find myself back in Lebanon in no time!

So how was the next big thing in insurance supposed to be created?

Start Simple: improve the customer-company-product-transparency-relationship.

We always hear people say that insurance is complicated and that insurance companies keep adding new conditions to their policies without any notice; or that they didn’t know that if they had paid an extra $35, then they would have been given a replacement car, or that this and that that…

With Comin, this is all history.

While we may not be the first to sell you insurance on the world wide web, we work hard on making your experience with us as transparent and convenient as possible.

We do all the hard work of choosing the products we think are best for our customers, all you have to do is hand over your credit card information and trust that our partners (the insurance companies) will be there for you in time of need.
(and if you don’t trust us, all the terms & conditions are posted with each product on Comin; and we handpick the insurance companies we work with to make sure that with or without our intervention, you will be well taken care of!)

So, without wasting your time any further, download the Comin app now to rediscover insurance.

Insurance. Simply. Now.

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