A Call For All Lebanese Expats: We’ve Got Your Back!

A Call For All Lebanese Expats: We’ve Got Your Back!

A Call For All Lebanese Expats: We’ve Got Your Back!

This is a call for all Lebanese expats whose lives are being constantly impacted by the everchanging global landscape. We, at Comin, have got your back!

First, let’s take a close look at 2 stories of expat life:

Story #1

Joe, 50, is an expatriate father working in the construction field. He has recently developed a cardiovascular disease. He wants to relocate with his wife and children back to Lebanon. Joe is worried he will not get full medical coverage in Lebanon due to his medical condition.

Story #2

Roula, 35, is an expatriate single woman working in the marketing field. She has recently developed a stress-related nervous disease. She wants to relocate to Lebanon to be next to her aging family members. Roula is also worried she won’t get full medical coverage in Lebanon due to her medical condition. 

Of course, these are only fictive stories, but the lesson they teach is invaluable. 

If you’re a Lebanese expat with plans to return back to Lebanon one day, have a look at why we believe it is a good idea that you buy the Guaranteed Renewability Option through COMIN app today:

#1: Buy your right for full medical insurance
The all-new Guaranteed Renewability Option or simply put ‘GRO’ will grant you access to full medical insurance based on your current health status. So, the sooner you buy, the better.

#2: Cashless e-policies
All you need is a valid Credit/Debit Card and your GRO e-policy will be sent to your email instantly and saved inside your Comin account.

#3: Personalize your insurance policy
Access to 1st and 2nd class insurance is provided for all age groups below 60.

#4: Policies are affordable
The GRO prices start from as little as 38 USD per year.

#5: Pay in USD or LBP
Comin accepts both Dollars and Lebanese Pounds.

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